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What We Do

At RIC Energy you can build a career with a purpose that makes a difference. Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency is changing rapidly. Cutting-edge technology and new ways of thinking are improving how people use energy and how energy is harnessed for around the globe, and we are at the forefront. We are the world’s most broadly-based global renewable energy business, with presence across 30 countries across the globe. Through our presence, we forge new frontiers and blow through walls to create breakthrough solutions to the world’s most pressing energy challenges to help people harness cleaner energy and keep the environment clean and green. And we need you. We are looking for talented people who share our vision for caring for the world, one person at a time, to join our team.

Our Business Structure

Our unique approach to managing our businesses make that possible. Our businesses operate under a decentralized operating model, providing each business centers with autonomy to make decisions that reflect the demands of the markets they operate within. Despite being in the renewable energy space for almost fifteen years we still operate as a young start up. This keeps the fun at the work place of creating something unique always on.

We Empower Employees

Your future is up to you. Equipped with resources, training and support, we give you the skills and capabilities to grow and succeed. Our employees are empowered and encouraged to chart their own career paths, and take advantage of the opportunities throughout our diverse family of companies.

Our Culture

We are a company aligned by a set of core values. As outlined in Our Motto, our shared values unify our directions and decisions, helping us improve the way we engage on the energy landscape every day. Our values make us unique. We are passionate about doing what is right for our environment, current and future generation and importantly for the world as a whole. We always believe that people are our greatest assets. Each employee brings a unique set of experiences, cultural background and perspective. This helps us better to address new business challenges and serve our customers, community and investors better.

How We Hire

We regularly post new openings on our website and our social media pages. We also work with select recruiters in the Industry.

How to Apply

Please look out for jobs posted by us on the career page or on our social media pages. Additionally, In case you do not find a job description that matches your skills but you are passionate about working in the renewable energy and energy efficiency space please send in your application using the form on the contacts section. You can also mail your profile in PDF format to info@ric.energy for a review. We would be happy to review and meet you based on out requirements.