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Our Motto

Our Motto

RIC Energy has been created with a singular objective of creating a better world of tomorrow.

In our pursuit, we believe our first responsibility is to the new and future generation who will be impacted by what we do today and how we do in the space of energy consumption. In meeting this objective everything we do must be with maximum responsibility and no or absolutely minimal impact to nature. We must regularly focus on bringing efficiency in all our processes thereby reducing cost. We shall engage with our Customers' requirements with promptness and we must strive to meet their requirements diligently. We shall also ensure that people who engage with us as our vendors and suppliers shall have a profitable and meaningful relation with us. We shall contribute positively to all our vendors and suppliers on a sustainable and on a long-term basis.

As a technology driven company we shall remain merit driven and as an organization we shall promote individuality, independent thinking, dignity and individual respect. Our employees shall have a sense of belongingness to the organization and have a sense of security in their jobs. As an organization we shall ensure that we should be able to fulfil the individual aspirations and responsibilities of each of our employees. We shall remain open to suggestions and comments of our employees and we shall timely and duly acknowledge the contributions of our employees in the growth of our organization. We shall promote involvement of employees from all sections of the societies across the world creating opportunities for everyone to engage and prosper. We will compensate our employees justly, fairly and adequately.

Being a renewable energy company, we are responsible to the communities where we develop projects. We must conduct ourselves as good global citizens. It shall be our endeavour to support good works and charities and shall be a responsible to the governments we work with. We shall respect the cultures of the local communities where we work and we shall abide with the local laws and regulations which apply to us in all geographies of our engagement.

Our sustainability lies in running a profitable business. We are committed to our investors as our primary stakeholders and we will earn good returns on investments made by them. We will continuously innovate and invest in undertaking new research and developments and shall remain updated with other developments in the market place.



With more then 15 years of experience we have developed complete in-house expertise to offer complete services across renewable energy and energy efficiency value chain.

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As an integrated renewable energy and energy efficiency company we develop our own independent power projects besides offering our expertise to third party developers.