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ESCO-Energy Efficiency




With rapid improvement in technology there is a  tremendous potential to increase energy efficiency, enhance energy consumption experience and minimise energy cost. This is pertinent specifically for large energy intensive processes. At RIC Energy we specialize in bringing in our expertise around new age technologies and access to appropriate financing mechanisms to ensure retrofit projects and rein in efficiencies. Our services work as output driven, market oriented mechanism to improve energy efficiency. We have successful experiences in developed countries in Europe. We are now in the process of launching our ESCO services in Middle East and GCC countries. We undertake market development through active involvement of governments as a customer, information provider, and policy maker to promote ESCOs.

In case your energy consumption cost is significant; we would be happy to associate, evaluate and suggest mechanism to optimize it. The best is we will also build a business case for investment in energy efficiency for you. For further discussion, please reach out to us at info@ric.energy