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Experts in the development of PV projects with extensive international presence

The anticipation in identifying opportunities in new markets, as well as the agility in strategic decision making has allowed to participate directly in the development, construction, operation and financing of more than €1,000 million of PV assets in 4 continents, which implies more than 350 MWp.

In a changing and dynamic environment, which affects renewable energies, we continue to rely on the early identification of business opportunities (“early stage”) as well as on the agility of decision making as growth levers.

Our working method is based on customer orientation through excellence in the execution of projects with a focus on continuous improvement, transparency, agility and proximity. We are proud of our work as we contribute directly to the sustainability of the planet.

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From opportunity to reality

2003 - 2004

Two friends considered the foundation of a PV solar energy company


Driven by regulatory change in favour of renewable energies (RD 436 of 2004), the company ImMODO Solar was constituted


Launch of “Houses of Haro Esperanza”. It was developed, designed and built on vineyards owned by the Moya Jiménez family. The Park consists of 8 facilities and a total of 150 kwP

2007 - 2008

Development/promotion of own projects, construction and operation/maintenance, as well as structuring of the financing of more than 50 MWp (for a value close to €400 million) distributed in 16 solar parks throughout Spain. On the other hand, more than 4 MWp were built on roofs in multiple installations throughout Spain.

2008 - 2009

Acquisition of significant participation in the Mexican company ECOS (Energía Control y Optimización de Sistemas S.A de C.V) for the production and commercialization of LEDs. Also, implementation of the first LED lighting project in the periphery of Mexico City.


Entry into the American market through the constitution of a wholly owned subsidiary focused on the development, construction, operation and maintenance of solar plants in the state of California. At the end of 2017, an installed capacity of more than 65 MWp is reached in California (USA).


Alliance with the Indian company Electrotherm Ltd, for the constitution of the joint-venture Electrotherm ImMODO Renewables Limited. Construction of a 15 MWp solar plant in the state of Gujarat, northwest of India. It is the first plant of this size to connect a Spanish company in India with an initial investment of €30m.


Creation of Ric Energy Group. Creation of a subsidiary in India 100% owned by RIC Energy.


Signing of a strategic contract with a local partner in Dubai.


Creation of the subsidiary: Ric Energy Africa 100% owned by RIC Energy.


Start-up of the largest solar PV plant in East and Central Africa with 25 MWp in Kabulasoke (Uganda).


Portfolio of photovoltaic projects for the development of more than 3,000 MWp in Spain. Development of projects in the states of Georgia and New York.


Facing challenges with energy


We are in a scenario of constant and accelerated change, characterized by a deep transformation of the energy sector with a radical change in the mix towards renewable energies. Moreover, the consumption model has experienced a shift in which customers seek systems to maximize energy efficiency, and in which firms are committed to the responsible use and care of the environment.

“In this framework of transition to new business models and new ways of competing in the energy industry, the speed to implement changes and above all, the speed to anticipate new business opportunities will be the factor that makes the difference and the competitive advantage of companies in our sector.”

José Luis Moya
CEO Ric Energy

Our ambition is to become a reference in the PV energy sector, with a strong position as developers of PV plants, integrating new technologies in our processes at the service of our customers, and with the best team of professionals working in an environment of collaboration and constant adaptation to change, being our engine the illusion for what we do.


In order to achieve this framework of trust, we share values that act as a behavioral compass in our company and are present in every decision we make:


In permanent challenge to reduce the times of execution.


With an open and critical mind, managing complexity, constant learning and the ability to anticipate business opportunities very quickly.


A competitive environment in which teamwork is fundamental. We continually seek the good of the group over the individual.


Focusing on improving the efficiency of our processes.


Built from the illusion and passion for what we do.


Present in every business decision we make.


Working with energy

“What moves an organization to achieve its goals are the people who work in it. My main mission as CEO is to generate the necessary environment of trust and motivation.”

José Luis Moya
CEO Ric Energy

We have extensive and proven experience in the renewable energy sector. We work together to ensure high quality standards in the execution of our projects with a strong focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

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