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How the electricity market is reacting to the new restrictions?

How the electricity market is reacting to the new restrictions?

During the first week of October, the electricity demand registered a 0.9% decline in Spain. This trend continued during the second and third weeks, the latter registering a 6.3% drop compared to the same days of the previous week. However, electricity demand in mainland Spain recovered at the end of the month, increasing it by 8.7% compared to the previous week, mainly due to the drop in temperature. The energy demand of the Spanish market is expected to conclude with values ​​much higher than those registered at the beginning of the month.

On the other hand, we can see how the average price of the pool has maintained a continuous trend from the beginning of the month (when it registered a value of € 41.5 / MWh) to the present. The daily price has varied strongly depending on the wind capacity that enters. For its part, the price of CO2 has experienced a slight decrease compared to September.


Regarding the futures market, the market has been slightly bearish (the cal-21 has left 0.8 € / MWh since October 23) and even continued with respect to the previous month. In terms of product volumes managed per year, good liquidity is maintained in Cal-21, which is almost imminent, but in the last week there are no operations in other terms.

Regarding solar production, the Spanish market started the month with a slight increase of 1.8%, registering a cumulative increase of 42% in the first fortnight of the month compared to the same days in 2019. The average solar production in Spain decreased 48% between Monday and Wednesday of the week of October 19 compared to the previous week. At a year-on-year level, production with this technology between October 1 and 21 increased by 50%.

Despite registering significant intra-weekly fluctuations, the approval of the new state of alarm and the threat of new house confinements, the electricity market is tending to a relatively normal behavior, with typical market fluctuations and prices consistent with recent months.

Sonia Moya
Sonia Moya
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