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The prospects for the self-consumption market in Andalucía and Extremadura

The prospects for the self-consumption market in Andalucía and Extremadura

Fernando González, new Self-Consumption Account Manager for the South zone, tells us in this interview what factors influenced when joining RIC Energy and his vision about the development of a new energy consumption model in the region.

“What factor influenced you the most when it came to joining RIC Energy?”

It really has been a cluster of factors. In the first place, I would highlight the great opportunity for my professional career to be able to integrate myself into a project with such solid foundations as Ric Energy, today very few companies can put the fact of to be pioneers in the Spanish photovoltaic solar market with more than 15 years of experience.

On the other hand, from the first conversations I perceived a very high degree of enthusiasm and commitment on the part of all the members of the Ric Energy team, something that for me is fundamental, believing in what I do is the greatest of my motivations.

If to all of the above I add the values ​​that Ric Energy transmits, such as excellence, flexibility, teamwork, I could say that making the decision was easy.

“What do you think are the most important challenges you are going to face within the company?”

More than challenges, I would like to think about the value that my experience can bring to the RIC team. A few years ago I decided to have as global a vision as possible of the electricity sector, I believe that the fact of having worked with commercialization both with large accounts and in the management of direct and indirect channels, advice and of course self-consumption, will help me to do my bit to continue the successes of the company.

“What prospects do you see for the photovoltaic self-consumption market in Andalusia and Extremadura?”

Andalusia and Extremadura are synonymous with the sun. The available resource is spectacular, with solar radiation being 13% above the national average, if we add to that the Andalusian and Extremaduran business fabric in which all sectors are present, their availability of space and awareness environment that society is acquiring, make the prospects are, without a doubt, unbeatable.

“Which customers do you think our product can best suit?”

I believe that absolutely everyone, although logically each client presents their peculiarities, consumption habits / needs, availability of space, etc … our mission will be to adapt to them.

As is logical, any client wants to reduce their energy expenditure since in most cases it “weighs” excessively on their internal costs. If going hand in hand with Ric Energy, this saving does not imply investment, nor the need to carry out any procedures, nor the maintenance of the installation because we take care of everything, I firmly believe that the “fit” is perfect.

“Which sector are you going to try to exploit with the greatest intensity?”

The great advantage of self-consumption is that any company that consumes energy is a potential customer, so closing itself to any sector would be a mistake.

It is true that there are target sectors that can benefit more from an installation of this type, but one of the advantages offered by the flexibility of our product is that it allows us to work with alternatives for all customer profiles, including sectors that may seem less optimal.

“What critical elements are present when negotiating with the customer and in what ways can RIC Energy help you make the best decisions?”

With greater and in some cases less success, in recent years there has been a lot of talk about renewable energies, which has generated many doubts and uncertainties. I think the best way to help the client make the best decision is to pass on as much information as possible.

Information, trust and transparency are essential for the client to feel much more comfortable when deciding.

Not because it is repeated, it is less true, each client is a world, we must have the ability to observe what their motivations are and deepen them.

Normally when it is decided to carry out a self-consumption installation, the critical point is the price, but in our case when the client knows that RIC Energy assumes the investment, that fear disappears, facilitating the negotiation.

“What advantages does the RIC product have compared to other alternatives that can be found in the market?”

As I said before, the differentiating element of the RIC product is that the client does not have to make any disbursement. For reasons that we all know we are going through difficult times, our product offers the possibility for the company to enjoy self-consumption while keeping its credit capacity intact to really dedicate it to what it needs, which is its core business.

All are advantages, guaranteed savings from the first moment, free energy when the installation passes to your property without assuming any risk, the possibility of benefiting from tax benefits, avoiding unnecessary costs due to power peaks and of course enjoying a brand image improvement by consuming green energy.

This last point weighs more and more to make the decision to take the step to self-consumption, more and more entrepreneurs are aware that being a green company will make them reach more places and without a doubt, to sell more.