RIC Energy helps you develop a
sustainable future for your land.

We acquire, develop and manage climate-friendly real estate assets that enhance the transition to a decarbonized society.

At RIC Energy we are experts in the management of rural and urban land. We help developers and owners of renewable assets to make their projects a reality and to obtain liquidity from their assets.

From the initial contact to the closing of the transaction, we have an agile and efficient approach to transactions.

We have a team of experts in the real estate sector with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate development and financing sectors.

We work hand in hand with communities and municipalities to promote sustainable practices and boost the local economy and job creation through green businesses based on the circular economy.


What is RIC Energy and what is your experience in renewable energy projects?

We are a Spanish company specialized in the development of renewable energy projects, such as photovoltaic, green hydrogen, biogas and energy storage plants. We have a wide experience and expertise in the sector since 2005 and we are present in four continents.

What kind of renewable energy projects could I build on my land?

Your land could be used to develop different types of renewable energy projects, such as green hydrogen generation facilities, biogas plants to harness organic waste, photovoltaic plants to generate solar energy, storage facilities to manage energy, and wind farms. These are all clean energy sources that help reduce polluting emissions and the causes of climate change.

How will the value of my land be determined for a possible lease or sale?

The value of your land will be evaluated by our experts, who will take into account several factors, such as location, land size, access to infrastructure, and the potential to develop one of the renewable energy projects.

What would be the benefits of leasing or selling my land for a renewable energy project?

By leasing or selling your land for a renewable energy project, you could receive a periodic rent or a one-time payment, as agreed. In addition, you would contribute to the production of clean, sustainable energy, helping to combat climate change and promoting the development of advanced technologies. It also benefits your community by promoting job creation and keeping the natural environment clean.

What are the legal and contractual implications of the agreement with RIC Energy?

Before proceeding with any agreement, RIC Energy will provide you with a detailed contract that will include the specific terms and conditions of the lease or sale agreement. We recommend that you seek legal advice to review the contract before signing it.

What would be the duration of the lease or sale agreement?

The duration of the lease or sale agreement will depend on the type of project and the specific conditions negotiated between both parties. Normally, lease agreements have a long-term duration to allow for a return on the investment in the project.

What are the next steps if I am interested in collaborating with RIC Energy?

If you are interested in leasing or selling your land for a renewable energy project, you can contact our team via email to discuss further details and begin the evaluation process.

Remember that these frequently asked questions and answers are only an initial guide. It is important that you clarify all concerns and specific details with us before entering into any contractual agreement.