Our activity

Driving a greener future

Value proposition

We were born in Spain in 2005 and were pioneers in the solar photovoltaic market.
solar photovoltaic market.

We are also developers of green hydrogen and derivatives, wind, biogas, biomethane and storage projects.

With a broad presence around the world, we operate in key regions such as Spain, the United States, Italy, Poland, India and several African countries.

Our purpose is clear: to contribute to decarbonizing the economy by providing clean and secure energy in the developed world, while ensuring access to affordable energy in developing countries.

We collaborate with key stakeholders in the development of photovoltaic projects, creating valuable projects that respect local communities and environments.

We are involved in the development, construction and operation phases of more than 20,000 MW of projects globally.

Our experience in project development

At RIC Energy, we lead the transition to a sustainable future through renewable generation projects that reduce emissions and environmental footprint, with a comprehensive service offering that we execute quickly and efficiently.

We streamline grid connection with proactive analysis and prioritize transparent communication with owners and stakeholders, moving skillfully in local and international regulatory environments.

We foster community involvement, enhancing local economies and creating jobs. We specialize in economically sustainable projects that contribute to global efforts against climate change.

Our selective IPP approach

At RIC Energy, we manage a technologically and geographically diversified portfolio to optimize performance and mitigate risks. Our selective strategy prioritizes keeping projects with solid fundamentals and high potential in the medium and long term in our portfolio.

We collaborate with leading financial institutions in the sector, ensuring solid agreements for the success and sustainability of our projects. We select projects that present secure sources of income, offering financial stability to our shareholders.

Our EPC activity

With a proven track record in executing large-scale EPC projects in Africa, RIC Energy demonstrates a deep understanding of the local contexts and challenges on the continent.

The company has been awarded numerous tenders from key international agencies such as UNHCR, the World Bank and others, offering innovative renewable solutions tailored to the African market. In addition, RIC Energy provides customized industrial and commercial self-consumption solutions, developing large-scale projects that help reduce electricity costs for many businesses on the continent. RIC Energy also promotes projects that guarantee access to electricity for isolated communities, promoting socio-economic development and improving the quality of life.

With a comprehensive approach and a commitment to technological innovation, RIC Energy contributes to strengthening Africa’s energy infrastructure, driving the transition to renewable, clean and reliable energy sources.


Collaboration is key, and we take pride in our partnerships with local communities, industry players, and investors that make our renewable energy projects a reality.