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What our colleagues at RIC Energy say:

“My journey at RIC began when I did my undergraduate internship. It was my first step into the working world and my first foray into the world of renewable energy. After completing the internship, I was given the opportunity to continue to grow at RIC, where I have found that I would love to continue my professional development in renewable project engineering, especially biogas. Here, I can continue to grow in a field that I am passionate about.”

Sandra Márquez Cortés

Project Design Engineer

At RIC Energy I find a perfect balance between my professional development and the care of my two daughters. Their work-life balance policies allow me to organize my family logistics and my work, achieving a balance that I greatly value.”

María Ruíz-Cuevas

Connections Manager

Bringing to a company like RIC Energy a broad professional background allows a series of extremely productive flows to emerge. The balance between younger and emerging talent, together with more senior capabilities, allows us to approach projects and internal dynamics from different points of view and different skills, which necessarily offers a lot of quality in the solutions provided. Personally, as someone with extensive experience in my professional field, I never cease to be grateful on a daily basis for the possibility of collaborating with teams with such diverse experiences and knowledge.”

Carlos Benavides

IT Manager

RIC Energy’s global presence is a unique opportunity for those of us born with the curiosity and motivation to explore new cultures, both socially and entrepreneurially. Personally, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with our New York subsidiary and participate in the growth of the company in such an interesting market as the US. I can only thank RIC for the opportunity and my colleagues at RIC USA for the warm welcome.”

Gonzalo Moya

Business Developer

Since I started my engineering studies, it was clear to me that I wanted to work in the renewable energy sector. My final projects, both undergraduate and master’s, were focused on solar energy. When I started in the working world, my first steps were away from fulfilling this purpose, until I joined RIC Energy in2019. Both RIC and those with whom I have shared a path in this company, have given me the opportunity to learn everything I know today about the sector, and have allowed me to continue to develop myself in different technologies and grow both personally and professionally.”

Cecilia Perela

Territorial Coordinator

RIC has understood and implemented the new post-pandemic ways of doing things and does not wait for them to be endorsed or legitimized by any publication. Without ignoring the rest of today’s society, it adopts the best practices, forms and ways that facilitate work-life balance. Giving the possibility of having a flexible schedule-system helps to obtain the best results from people and teams”.

Renato Flores

Electrical Engineer for Substation


We are a leading company in the energy sector, with strong growth and a great capacity to attract, motivate and retain the talent of the best professionals in the sector.

Our project is aligned with the objectives of energy transition, innovation, efficiency and sustainability, and contributes to the economic and social development of our environment.

We have a highly qualified team of engineers, lawyers, economists and other professionals working on pioneering projects for the energy transition.

Our talent management policy ensures that we have the right professionals to meet current and future business needs, based on motivation, commitment, autonomy, experience, international mobility and mentoring.

In just five years we have managed to quadruple the number of employees (we are already close to 200 #RICkies worldwide); and quadruple the number of renewable projects under development.





of employees are <30 YEARS OLD


of employees are >50 YEARS OLD


of employees are between 35 AND 49 YEARS OLD


are MEN





In Spain alone, we have 14 different nationalities



We have a global presence on four continents.



In addition, we have a turnover rate of less than 6%, well below the industry.



More than 50% of training contracts have become permanent.

We offer flexible and attractive work-life balance policies that facilitate personal and professional life balance.

In addition, we encourage the participation of our employees in sustainability actions, through the ‘Living At RIC’ volunteer group, which leads various social and environmental initiatives throughout the year.


C. de Orense, 34, Torre Norte, Piso 10, 28020 Madrid