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Women protagonists in the energy sector

Women protagonists in the energy sector

Interview at Energética21 with Sonia Moya Ruiz, Investment Analyst at Ric Energy Group

“Briefly describe your professional work in the energy sector and the type of projects / services of your company in which you work daily.”

My work as a financial analyst at Ric Energy Group is based on the development of financial models to analyze the profitability that investors would obtain from the purchase of greenfield solar energy projects. Through the preparation of these financial models and by conducting a sensitivity analysis, I analyze which variables have the greatest impact on the profitability of the project. The purpose of preparing these financial models is to have a valid tool to subsequently negotiate with the funds and companies to which we sell the projects.

“What do you think are the most common difficulties or obstacles that women encounter in developing their careers in the energy sector?”

Personally, I have not encountered any obstacles when combining my work in the energy sector with my personal life. It is true that in the energy sector the majority of workers are men mainly for socio-cultural reasons. At Ric Energy Group, 30.8% of employees are women compared to 69.2% who are men. In the past, motherhood has been the main obstacle, but I think it is becoming less and less evident in the sense in which losses are shared and the new generations have a more mentality of sharing responsibilities.

“Do you think it is possible to accelerate the incorporation of women to management positions and / or boards of directors in the energy sector? What measures would you propose? “

Like other sectors such as finance, the energy sector has traditionally been dominated by men. However, it is being seen how little by little women have been occupying relevant positions. There are still prejudices about our abilities, the salary gap and the added difficulty of motherhood that coincides with the years of greatest professional performance.

“In what way can the education sector (from secondary to university) and the companies themselves promote female vocations in the areas of science, technology, engineering or mathematics?”

The education sector was traditionally seen as guiding women to health, education, or legal professions while men were more suited to professions related to technical areas. However, that dogma is changing and today we find more and more women in STEM careers. As possible measures, I think that the promotion of these careers by women would be very good, that they explain their experience, that you eliminate those ghosts. You go to the presentation of technical careers and the speaker is a man… you go to congresses and conferences and more than 80% of the speakers are men… this is a clear message…


Sonia Moya
Sonia Moya
Investment Associate

Investment associate specializing in the renewable energy sector at RIC Energy Group. She previously participated in the Deals graduate program at PwC. Experience in Strategy, Corporate Finance and Transactions. Member of the Madrid Bar Association. Analytical and financial modeling skills with a notable track record in medium-sized projects. LINKEDIN • EMAIL